Real dolls for real girls and our little brother

Only Hearts Club Dolls 4 Me

 Original 6 Only Hearts Club dolls shown wearing original outfits.

Taylor Angelique, Olivia Hope, Lily Rose, Briana Joy, Karina Grace, & Anna Sophia. Two additional dolls have been added to the line Kayla Rae and Hannah Faith bringing the total to 8 dolls.


There are also 5 Li'l Sisters -  Kristy, Jessica, Melody, Chelsea & Sydney. The only boy doll in the OHC line-up is Li'l Brother Trevor.

Currently, there are a total of 14 different dolls in the Only Hearts Club line. Overtime, it is not impossible to collect them all. The dolls come in a variety of different outfits and themes.

The official site for the Only Hearts Club dolls can be found at http://www.onlyheartsclub.com/. If you don't know who the Only Hearts Club dolls are that is the place to start. They are the experts, we're just having fun creating our own world for them.

This site OHC4ME is an independent  FAN SITE and collectibles resource for Only Hearts Club doll fans of all ages. Resources, ideas and projects on this site were originally created for our own use, but might be helpful for others. We hope you enjoy your OHC dolls, please share your ideas!

This site was started by two homeschooled sisters and our three little brothers who fell in love with the OHC dolls when mom found a couple on clearance at the start of summer 2009. I wish we had known about them sooner! They look like REAL girls.

Our goal for this website is to focus on the Only Hearts Club (OHC), Horse and Pony Club (HPC) and Only Hearts Pets (OHP). Our main interest is the dolls and the accessories that go with them. This site is always under construction. We are always looking for new information to add and strive to keep our website as up to date and complete as possible.

We love OHC, but the So Small Pets line just didn't appeal to us. For this reason the So Small Pets are not covered on this website. Maybe you like the So Small Pets as much as we like the OHC dolls and will create your own website? Be sure to tell us about it if you do!

This website, http://www.ohc4me.com/, was built by us on http://www.webs.com/. You can create a free website on it with limited pages and storage. Our parents allow us to do extra chores and sell items on Etsy to earn money to upgrade our site to a paid version. It's a lot of work, but worth it. We have done a lot of research on the Only Hearts Club and ran out of room on the free website. Like most paid websites, this one has to be renewed annually.


 All 8 of the Only Hearts Club girls in their original club outfits with pets.